When a network
earns stars

Checkstar, a calling card for our quality standards

There are 4,000 authorised workshops and body shops which form part of the Checkstar galaxy around the world.

Like the best chefs, car mechanics have been earning stars since 2005. With Checkstar we have created a network of workshops and dealers, in order to celebrate their belonging to the Magneti Marelli family. Drivers know they can rely on the ability of prepared and up-to-date fitters, who chose to rely on the quality of our spare parts on a daily basis.

Real-time ability

The history and tradition of Magneti Marelli - and the innovation resulting from our research - are at the constant disposal of our associates. There is a common thread which links our company to our operators, and our partners to drivers: the thread of knowledge, which - through training and assistance - becomes ability. We like to think that in this way we are contributing to the safety of millions of drivers; in the end, this is our most important goal.



Our communication: a direct link between office, store, workshop and driver

We share the same strategies as Checkstar, who make can make use of Magneti Marelli communication, integrating with our national campaigns. Nothing is left to chance; from the sign that drivers see and recognise daily on the street, to the mechanics’ overalls noted from the moment they shake the driver’s hand; from garage furnishings to the branded gifts that the drivers receive, every element of communication for workshops is perfectly integrated with our brand, and tells the whole world who we are.

A growing network

We have been able to set up advantageous partnerships.
Our network is an international power which has allowed us to construct partnerships with market-leading companies; for example in the car hire and insurance space. A network of contacts strengthens results and creates advantages for us and our franchisees.
Our philosophy allows us to grow our network and improve as a company.