The aftermarket’s wide offer of products focus on Top quality equipment
as the lighting range of Automotive Lighting, a division of Marelli
world leader in the production of headlamps and rear lamps.

Technological excellence

The headlamp and rear lamp component has an increasingly important impact both on the safety element and on the design and appearance of the car.

Headlamps and rear lampss make a decisive contribution to create brand awareness and identity, both daytime and nightime: this is why the styling departments of Automotive Lighting and car manufacturers work closely together.

Automotive Lighting, a Marelli division dedicated to car lighting, is one of the global leaders in the production of headlamps, rear lamps, electronics and other lighting components and supplies the most important car manufacturers in the world.

Its lighting products express the company's constant commitment to find new solutions in the field of active and passive safety, of the reduction of consumption and of the design in response to the growing stylistic needs of the carmaker.

All codes for the independent aftermarket are of original quality and use the most advanced technologies and most advanced features, including LED, Xeno, AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System), ILS (Intelligent Light System), infrared, SFS (Static Frontlight System) and lights with guide lights, adaptive, LED and with three-dimensional effects.

Magneti Marelli Parts & Services offers Automotive Lighting products in the independent market, integrating them with those of other partners, also of first plant.