The aftermarket area is part of the Marelli sustainability policy;
an everyday occurence in the environmental, economic and social sector.

An extraordinary opportunity

For Marelli, sustainability means focusing our attention on two distinct but interdependent words: future and integration.

A future, already near, in which the car is equipped with advanced systems that allow the driver to interact with the vehicle in a whole new way, forming part of a broader ecosystem of clients, suppliers, workers, local communities, governments and institutions.

The smart mobility and auto repair sectors are facing a moment of great transition and deep transformation: new employment models; the evolution of connected and autonmous vehicle technology; complex driving assistance systems; systemic factors that will inevitably restructure the expertise of the players in the field and outline new business scenarios.

Having operated in the automotive sector since 1919, Marelli has the resources to play a leading role in this change. People, connections, expertise - we want to mobilize them all to be in pole position in the race for innovation.

For us, sustainability means all of this: not a limit or a restriction, but an extraordinary opportunity to work to the best of our ability and contribute to a better future for all.

Intelligent systems and innovative solutions are required in this phase of strong evolution, environmental sustainability, safety, and quality of life inside the vehicle.