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The mobility of the future

Today, the most modern cars contain certain technological elements that make them ever more autonomous.

In the coming years, we will use intelligent vehicles capable of processing vast quantities of data and anticipating the needs of the driver; electronic and telematic, complex systems for driving assistance, and predictive diagnostics are just a few examples of how we will reach greater levels of efficiency and safety, as well as enjoying a number of extra functions.

This is the direction in which Marelli is working, with different products and technologies at the service of customers and motorists.

One example is lighting, where the business has concentrated all the necessary technology for autonomous driving directly into its optics divisions. The Smart Corner™, which was recently awarded “CES® 2019 Innovation Award Honoree”, integrates sensors used for autonomous driving into the front and rear lights, ensuring a higher standard of design and lighting performance.

The system can accommodate different types of sensors, such as LiDAR, radar, video camera and ultrasound, as well as cutting-edge LED solutions such as the ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam) system. In this way, Smart Corner™ enables a 360 degree view around the vehicle with both light and high performance optics.